The Santa Claus Oath An oath that many professional performers honor.

I, along with my peers worldwide, have taken, and solemnly adhere to the spirit and application of this oath.  The general public cannot realize the onus and/or the joy and privilege of becoming a lifelong memory for loving families or trusting children.  Fewer events in life can measure up to seeing the pure wonder in a youngster’s eyes, or the unmitigated delight in the eyes of a senior with his or her memories of youth and magic.  Equal to such heartwarming delights are the heartbreaking ones.  Encountering terminally ill pediatric patients who do not ask for his or her health, but rather to see Mommy happy again; or a child who wants nothing more than for Daddy or Mommy to come home from deployment overseas.  In recent years, with the parents’ help, Santa was able to have Dad on Skype to enjoy the entire visit with his family, AND on another most wonderful occasion, Dad was wrapped in a giant box like a present on the front porch to surprise his children for Christmas.  The kids may not yet know that Christmas is not about getting fun stuff; they will learn that all too soon.  It is my calling, and my duty to instill in their young minds that the idea isn't a bad one, but it is not the only one.  Caring for your family and your friends is equally important, if not more so.  The spirit of the season lends itself to hope and love.  Learning that being loved is the greatest gift of all.  Letting kids know they are whole people, and reminding senior citizens they are still people are just two of the gifts I am given during the Christmas holiday.  Santa is a lifestyle that I endeavor to practice all year round.  It’s the best gig I have ever had.  


 The Santa Claus Oath

I will seek knowledge to be well versed in the mysteries of bringing

 Christmas cheer and goodwill to all the people that I encounter in my journeys and travels.

I shall be dedicated to hearing the secret dreams of both children and adults.

I understand that the true and only gift I can give, as Santa, is myself.

I acknowledge that some of the requests I will hear will be difficult and sad.

I know in these difficulties there lies an opportunity to bring

a spirit of warmth, understanding, and compassion.

I know the “real reason for the season” and know that I am blessed

to be able to be a part of it.

I realize that I belong to a brotherhood and will be supportive,

honest, and show fellowship to my peers.

I promise to use “my” powers to create happiness, spread love, and make

fantasies come to life in the true and sincere tradition of the Santa Claus Legend.

I pledge myself to these principles as a descendant of Saint Nicholas the gift giver of Myra.


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