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The Disney Company, ABC hired Santa Albert to help with public service announcements which aired over 100 times during the 2017 Christmas Holiday season on ABC 7 News.

  Client Testimonials

     Santa Albert is truly the BEST We hired him to make an appearance at my daughter's preschool for their annual Winter Celebration. He was incredibly thorough during the entire booking process. Despite all the restrictions that got thrown our way due to the pandemic, he continued to keep an open line of communication to make sure we were all on the same page and even made changes to ensure our event would be safe for everyone. All the children had an amazing time. He truly was the highlight of our celebration. We are so grateful for such an amazing experience, especially in these trying times. He comes highly recommended. We can’t wait to hire him back next year! 
2020-Quin  M, Napa, CA 

    Dear Santa Albert, All of us here at Precious Kids daycare love the joy you bring year after year. With your cheerful Santa chitter chatter the children, their parents, and grandparents are enamored. In 2011 you added a beautifully detailed 'magical' Santa chair, perfect for family pics. However, I'm not sure you know this since your chair arrives a bit before you...the anticipation was so much more than ever. These kids were so excited to look and touch and of course, sit on Santa's chair. A big thanks to you. In our opinion, you're the REAL Santa. 

                                                    We love you.
                                               Bridget E. Concord Ca.

Some of our previous clients include...

Google Headquarters Mountain View, KRON NBC San Francisco, CBS San Francisco, ABC News San Francisco, San Francisco Ballet, California Symphony, Paramount Pictures (Netflix), Blackhawk Country Club Danville, Synopsis Mountain View, Hyatt International San Ramon, Millennium Towers San Francisco, Encinal Yacht Club Alameda, Corinthian Yacht Club Tiburon,  Winchester Mystery House San Jose, Oakland Athletics, Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Alta Bates Herrick Campus,  Alta Bates Summit Campus Berkeley  and 100's of families, Daycares and Preschools throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years.

   Our kids had a great time with Santa Albert visiting on St. Nicholas Day reading their nice and naughty list to them. Not only did they listen, but they also loved interacting with him and asking all sorts of questions which h

e willingly answered. Santa Albert not only looks authentic, but he also left an authentic and lasting impression on the kids (and us parents, too). And he seems to remember every past session. We'll certainly be looking forward to asking him to visit us again this coming season.

                                                               Matthias L. 

  Santa Albert was great. Kids loved him and everyone asked where I found him. Will be booking again in the future.

-Myke D, Discovery Bay-2020

     After receiving a cancer diagnosis 1 year prior and being unable to have a Christmas get-together, I wanted to do something special in 2012 to celebrate my survival and the love for my family.

      I booked Santa for our main event. It was the BEST party ever.  He came thru the front door ringing his bells to the surprise of everyone. No one, including adults, knew he was coming. All the kids came running in with excitement. As the shock wore off that SANTA was at grandmas house we all gathered to visit with him. He spoke with each grandchild individually and then began reading them a book. They all sat there in wonderment. After he finished reading his book he called out each child's name. He joked around with them and handed each one a gift and candy cane. All the while, his elf was taking pictures of the festivities, without anyone even knowing because they were so taken with SANTA. And I was able to give each family a "special" memento of our 2012 Family Christmas Party. It will forever be treasured. 

      I was truly impressed with Albert Joseph Entertainment. His professionalism from start to finish was just what I was looking for. 

     Santa's outfit was out of this world, "the BOMB". Down to the snow on his eyebrows and eyelashes, which proved he was the REAL deal. I look forward to working/hiring Santa for our future family Holiday parties. Thank you once again for making it truly a memorable experience. 

                                           Annmarie R.

   Santa Albert has visited my family since 2000 on Christmas Eve. He is the highlight of the evening and my grandchildren cherish the moments when he arrives at our house. It has become a tradition in our family for Christmas and my grandchildren would not have it without him.

                                                                     Lucia A. Brentwood

   This is the first time we’ve hired Santa for Christmas Eve, and we are so glad we did. My kids had a wonderful time, and couldn’t stop talking about Santa for days. This year has been so challenging, and having Santa showed up with presents was amazing. Albert was super kind and engaging with the kids, my special needs brother-in-law, and the rest of our family. We were able to take pics with him, laugh, and enjoy the magic of Christmas. Albert was in character all the time, the costume, the makeup, and the real beard were outstanding. Thank you, Albert, for an amazing time and for bringing joy to my kids this year.
Lia E, Brentwood, CA

Santa Albert was featured in this Android Holiday Video produced by GOOGLE to spread Christmas MAGIC around their Mountain View campus. Watch below, if you listen carefully you can hear his sleigh bells and Santa Albert singing too.

  Santa Albert was professional, animated, and truly engaged with the children. Our 7 year old especially enjoyed her time to ask questions. A successful event and I’m very glad Santa Albert was hired. 2020 -Ruby R, Lathrop, CA  

  "We had such a wonderful event! Albert was awesome with a capital "A"! The level of care and entertainment we received was the top rate. We will always call Albert for or character parties!" 2019-Jackie B, Livermore, CA 


       Santa Albert was the whole package for my party. He knows how to interact with the kids and also the adults. I will recommend him to anyone who wants a professional Santa experience. 2020-Dave M, Tracy, CA"

    "Santa Albert was perfect. He was on time, dressed magically, and had a great attitude. The kids and adults all loved him. 2019-Tomlinson B, Pleasant Hill, CA"

        I don't even know how long Santa has been coming to visit our home every year, bringing smiles. giggles, and laughter to the faces of all the children and grandchildren (young and old) as he enters the door with his famous, "Ho Ho Ho"

 He knows their names, he knows if they've been "bad or good" and he knows everything that happened that year. The children all gather around to hear his story and get on his lap one by one, only to be amazed and ask, "How did Santa know I did this or that" My answer would always be, "Because he's SANTA" Every year Santa would always bring treats for our little dog, Megan

. I remember the year Santa came with her treats and asked, "Where's Megan" I could see he felt very sad when I told him she had passed earlier that year. Last year was quite memorable as all of the children were sad because one of my older grandsons wouldn't/could can't be there that year. You see, Cory had joined the Army and sent a letter to Santa to read and explain that he couldn't be there, but sent his Christmas wishes to all. Even Santa had a tear in his eye as he read the letter.

 Just then, as Santa was reading the Twas the Night Before Christmas" story, as he did each year, Cory appeared, waited in the back of the room until Santa was done, then walked up to Santa, and as had been a tradition for many years, was the first to sit on Santa's lap. The children went wild, screaming and laughing and shouting Cory's name.

 It was the best surprise of all. I don't know if you believe in Santa, and it's OK if you don't, but if his presence can put a smile on your children's faces, isn't it worth it to try and believe. Have Santa come and visit your home this Christmas and see what joy and laughter he can bring to you and yours.

                                                             Georgia A.

Watch E40 & Santa Albert.He's my favorite Homie!

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