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Santa's arrival...

    Listen to hear his sleigh bells ringing, suddenly Santa bursts through the front door with a bag full of gifts, candy canes, and his storybook "T'was the Night Before Christmas". Merely finds his way to the Christmas tree to sit in his chair. Everyone is brimming with excitement waiting to hear what he has to say.  

Albert says
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 Hostess Keepsake...

    After he gets settled in and everyone is seated, you the host will be the first to sit on his knee for a quick picture and a laugh or two for the group. He may quip with a joke or two about your recent behavior, maybe mention you not getting to bed on time. After everyone settles in... 

Next it's Story time

Then it's time to read his favorite Christmas time story.

Reading his favorite story, T'was the night before Christmas.jpg
Gathering wish lists, Naughty and Nice Lists, distributing gifts.jpg


Naughty or Nice

    When Santa has completed his story, it's time for him to begin chatting with the children.  Discussing behavior, gathering wish lists, distributing full-size candy canes, and finishing with an opportunity for a picture.


Did Santa bring a gift for you?

    Finally, it's time for The big guy to empty his gift bag. Calling each child as he pulls out their surprise, having each child come up to receive their gift. Keeping everyone waiting for all to have their gift and then the big moment.  1, 2, 3... go everyone tears open their surprise to reveal that special gift he brought. After all the excitement if time allows, Santa will prompt the host for special requests to take family photos.  

 empties his gift bag
 Albert wishes everyone a Happy New Year

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