Deposits and Payments Secure your appointment with a credit card.

Clients who have signed their Appearance Agreement are required to place a minimum 50% deposit or full payment to secure a reservation. Below clients will find the invoice associated with their reserved date, time, and a description of the fees. Click on the correct invoice to check accuracy as agreed in our agreement, then add your credit card information via our secure site to guarantee an appointment. We accept most credit cards. Including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, and PayPal to mention a few. If you prefer to mail a check or money order please find our mailing address on your appearance agreement or invoice. For any reason you may need assistance with this process, please feel free to contact us by phone or the email provided. If you don't find your invoice here please check your email and find a PDF for mailing deposits and final payments via the United States Post Office. Some clients do report having issues when using their iPhones. If this happens to you please use a tablet or non-Apple product.

After we receive a signed agreement and payment as agreed, a confirmation email will be sent to the address on file with the 2022 Holiday Reservation CONFIRMATION appearing in the subject line. Inside that email will be our final instructions we suggest all clients read to help provide their celebration a memorable experience for everyone attending. Once this email is received then and only then will any reservation appear on our Holiday calendar. Any reservation with less than seven days' notice must be paid in full with no exceptions. Final payments are the responsibility of the client to pay as agreed by signing our agreement.

If any questions need to be answered please email or call using the information provided in our agreement. You can also use our Contact Us link.

How our fees are collected. We require a 50% deposit for the time Santa is at your celebration and 100% of fees for Chair rentals, backdrops, lighting, and the advance purchase of all Keepsakes. All fees are described in our Appearance Agreements and our invoices which when approved are sent to clients after they complete the Begin A Reservation form above. Questions regarding our fees can be answered by contacting us via email or by phone. The balance of fees due after your appointment are the sole responsibility of the client. All final payments should be mailed via U.S.P.S. within three days after your appointment but no longer than 10 days. Otherwise, a 25% late fee will automatically be added to late invoices on the eleventh day. The address for mailing can be found on our Appearance Agreement or invoice we provide.

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