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A few helpfull tips
to prepare for
Santa Albert's visit 

Snowman waiting

 Being prepared is key to a memorable visit. when details are overlooked unfortunate circumstances may occur, resulting in client dissatisfaction. Please take the time to read, plan and reply with any details you need to share with us. When sending emails be sure to include your name and appointment date in the subject line.

We recommend all hosts read our We Suggest page. 

A FUN activity for your guests to enjoy is with Santa Albert's NICE list. Hosts have an advance opportunity to send to us a list of NICE behaviors that may have happened between Christmas last and current about select guests. Simply send us a few details of happenings beginning with the person's name followed by a few humorous details.  He will then incorporate those details into his act. Please keep in mind that not ALL GUESTS can be included in this activity. ONLY people the host has direct information about. Reaching out to guests and gathering information on a large scale can be difficult to coordinate. Please send information no later than 72 hours before any appointment to our email address with your last name, the date of your reservation, and NICE details in the subject line. Here is an example SUBJECT: SMITH,12/11, Nice details. There are no guarantees that the information provided will be included during your appointment.   

     Having The Big Guy in your home is a special moment for everyone, especially the first time. We have experienced several important details that we think are worth mentioning. It's always a good idea to be informed of what's going to go on while he is performing. If after you read these suggestions you have questions or comments please use our Contact Us link at the top of the page.

  1) When possible, reserve a parking spot nearest to his entrance. Be creative and place a sign, sawhorse, or box marked "reserved parking" blocking the front of your driveway or on the street in front of your home, where we will be parking. Santa does not knock or ring, so please leave his entrance door unlocked a few minutes before your estimated arrival time. 

If you live in a gated community, please notify the gate tender of our arrival time, a minimum of one hour before our scheduled arrival time. Please instruct them to have the entry permit completed before our arrival, so our entry is swift. Delays at security gates can cause a tardy Santa...and no one wants a tardy Santa. He will be driving a White, 2007 Ford E250 Super Duty Van California license plate 55808K3

  2) Please understand we may arrive early, on time, or late, appointment times are estimated and not guaranteed to be accurate. When he arrives and leaves, PLEASE keep all children away from windows and doors. Otherwise, children may see him arriving or departing in his vehicle.

   3) Help as needed. He does not want to be overwhelmed by children or adults. Remind everyone to be on their best behavior. While Santa Albert is at your celebration please supervise his visit or designate a supervisor (with children and adults) at all times. This will avoid any potentially embarrassing situations.

  5) Please make sure all children use the boys/girls' room before their arrival, also infants should have napped and been well fed before our appointment start time. Being sure children's hair is combed, faces wiped, clothing neat, and are ready for pictures.

  4) If you are going to have a fire, please make sure the BIG GUY is not seated near it (or even in the same room). Please open a window or door nearest his seat. We suggest turning your forced air heater off during his visit.

  6) Does your household have an Elf On The Shelf. Please email us details; Your elf's name and any details of last year's antics from your elf.

          A) Gift Delivery   Share with your guests bringing gifts these details. Please place all gifts to be delivered by Santa in a designated vehicle parked on the right side in your driveway. Mark each gift with the child's name. (Be sure to write LARGE on the wrapping paper using a thick permanent BLACK felt-tipped marker. (Sharpie Brand) Please no bows or gift tags on the gifts. If parents are bringing gifts in gift bags please be sure gift bags are sealed to prevent contents from falling out. We have ONE bag which should not weigh more than 50 pounds. to carry gifts in and a special pocket for gift cards.  He will ONLY carry one bag into your home. We can provide additional bags for you to carry gifts inside.YOU should coordinate assistants with bringing more gifts inside. When possible, please place a large name tag on everyone's left shirt pocket area with their name written on it using a thick black felt-tipped pen. Please write legibly. This helps Santa Albert call everyone by name, especially identifying each child to receive their gift. 

         B) Please email the make, model, color, and license plate of your designated gift vehicle. Do not lock the trunk tight but close it so it's down all the way. Santa's elf will lock it after filling Mr. Claus' gift bag(s).

         C) Be as prepared as you can to take as many pictures or videos as you like. When possible designate a person to be in charge of taking pictures. Use a camera with a flash, a fresh roll of film, or clean media card, and new batteries. Keep extra film, media cards, and batteries with the camera, or purchase a "one-time-use" camera. If you are going to use a video camera use freshly-charged batteries or plug them directly into the wall while videotaping. You will be greatly disappointed if you miss a special moment or hug. Ask us about Photography Packages. We have simple instant Keepsakes printed in your home, seasonal backdrops, lighting, and full Professional Photography packages available for delivery within 7-10 days. For more information go to

          D) Place a designated chair for Santa to sit in, an arm-less dining room chair or bench seat is perfect please no stuffed furniture ie; sofas, ottomans, recliners, or folding chairs. Locate the chair in a well-lit spot perhaps near your Christmas tree. If you don't have an armless chair please inquire about our throne, an awesome handmade chair to add a dramatic flair to your special occasion and photos. A chair the elves have built to accommodate the BIG GUY and up to six photo participants. Be aware of your background where he will be seated. No TVs, mirrors, or windows directly in the background behind his seat. Please no food or drink. If you have included our throne in your reservation, please understand, we deliver the chair to your front door. It will be your responsibility to bring the chair into your home to the location you have chosen. Then, when he is finished, please be sure and arrange for Santa's throne to be returned to the porch immediately after his departure.

           E) While performing his favorite story we recommended parents sit/stand behind Santa to enjoy the wonderful expressions on the children's faces. Parents can return in front of him afterward when he begins to ask children to sit on his knee.

           F) Inclement Weather PLAN. If your celebration is held outside PLEASE have a backup plan if the weather is inclement. He and his crew will not perform outside unless completely covered and protected from any dangerous conditions. this includes, but is not limited to RAIN and ELECTRICITY. 

           G) If your mailing your final payment please do so immediately, no later than 3 days after Santa's visit.  If additional fees such as overtime, more keepsakes are accrued, you will receive an invoice reflecting such charges soon thereafter your appointment. 

Please direct your comments or questions using our CONTACT US form.

Before Santa Albert was a REAL BEARDED Santa,
The Disney Company, ABC hired him to help 
with public service announcements which aired over 100 times during the 
2017 Christmas Holidayseason on ABC 7 News.

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